Ching Tien Foundation programs are designed to enable aspiring social impact leaders to develop the mindset, confidence and leadership skills. Scholarship recipients receive mentorship and soft skills training, and are required to acquire hands-on experiences in the areas of leadership, volunteerism, and cross-cultural communications. All graduates undertake a capstone “Pay It Forward” project, marking their first step towards making an impact in the world.

Master’s Program Scholarships

Scholarship to complete a two-year Masters’ program at an academic institution outside of Asia.

The Ching Tien Foundation Master’s Scholarship Program supports promising young women from Asia to pursue master’s degrees at international universities. Our program is designed to enable recipients to develop the mindset, confidence and skills to become changemakers and leaders in their chosen professions and in their communities.

Through their experiences abroad, scholarship students are encouraged to learn about different cultures, gain global experiences, open their minds and broaden their horizons. Recipients are matched with mentors and academic advisors throughout their period of study and receive soft skills and leadership training.

Scholarship funding is intended to support learning experiences to ensure scholarship recipients cultivate the skills they need to become strong and confident.

Scholarship recipients commit to giving back through community engagement, and volunteering. All graduates undertake a capstone “Pay It Forward” project, marking their first step towards making a positive impact in their communities and in the world.

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Undergraduate Language and Leadership Development

Scholarships for university-age young women to undertake summer program Canadian partner universities.

The Undergraduate Language and Leadership Program is designed for senior undergraduate female students from Asia to do short term studies in Canada. Candidates must have a strong interest in global studies, leadership, and social impact. In this unique program, participants study abroad in Canada, gain a global perspective, experience different cultures, and explore their passions and goals. This valuable opportunity greatly benefits the participants’ personal growth and career planning.

Program onboarding begins from the time applicants are selected in March every year. Selected participants undertake a three-month online learning program to prepare them for their travel to Canada. In Canada, the first four-week long program is delivered by Canadian partner universities, and is followed by a three-day program led by the Ching Tien Foundation in Vancouver. After studying abroad, each participant develops a “giving back” project that is completed under the mentorship of the Ching Tien Foundation.

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Virtual Learning Platform

The Ching Tien Foundation Forum will be held on an annual basis to raise awareness for the foundation’s work and extend personal development opportunities to benefit a larger number of young women including Ching Tien Foundation scholarship recipients, alumni and potential scholarship recipients.

Additionally, online and in person workshops and training sessions will be offered periodically to provide aspiring women leaders from around the world with leadership and personal development focused opportunities. The Forums, workshops and training programs will be led by prominent leaders in their field from around the world.

The purpose of the Ching Tien Foundation Virtual Learning Platform is to raise awareness for the Foundation’s work and extend personal development opportunities to Asian young women aged 16 to 28, who are motivated to step out of their comfort zone, think beyond themselves, and dare to lead.

The Virtual Learning Platform provides regular programs focused on gender equality, women’s empowerment, leadership and world events. Program formats include speaker series, workshops, panel discussions and training programs. All programs are led by the Founder, the Foundation’s scholars and alumni and inspiring leaders from around the world. Participation is free of charge.

Young women who want to apply for the Ching Tien Foundation’s global study programs are encouraged to participate in a minimum of six months of the Virtual Learning Platform activities in advance of submitting their application.

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The Ching Tien Foundation provides consulting and advisory services to social entrepreneurs and organizations in the process of building grassroots programs for the advancement of women and girls through education.

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