2022 Ching Tien Scholarship Recipient

CAD $30,000

Huiming Ma
First Ching Tien Scholarship Recipient

Huiming Ma is an EGRC alumni. In 2022, she became the first recipient of the Ching Tien Scholarship, with scholarship funding of CAD 30,000.

In January 2023, Huiming started her Master of Education program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus in Canada. She took five courses over the winter term and in the summer and earned four A+ grades.

Huiming has embraced Canadian culture by making friends from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and doing volunteer work. Since March, Huiming has regularly volunteered at an after-school care centre teaching science to elementary school students, she also volunteers at various university events. Her latest volunteer experience was at a center for homeless people making sandwiches and coffee. Since September, Huiming got a part time job at her university as a life coach for incoming undergraduate students. Outside of her studies, volunteering, and work, Huiming is learning rock climbing and enjoys doing yoga.

Huiming cares deeply about the changes that have taken place at EGRC. She is one of the key people planning and organizing monthly online conversations between Ching Tien and EGRC alumni and students.

“I truly enjoy my life in Canada. One of the key learnings is to think independently and critically and form my own opinions. On this journey, Ching Tien has been my mentor. Ching introduced her friend Joan Shaw, a retired teacher to be my English tutor and academic advisor. Joan and I met online once a week for nearly two years. My academic advisor at school is a caring and encouraging professor. I feel I am surrounded by love, care and encouragement. I am inspired to pass on the love I received to others.”

Huiming MaNovember 1, 2023

2023 Ching Tien Scholarship Recipient

CAD $25,000

Jessie Huang
Second Ching Tien Scholarship Recipient

Jessie Huang is the second Ching Tien Scholarship recipient. She received funding of CAD 25,000 to pursue her master’s program of Education Leadership and Administration at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

Jessie is from a village in Henan Province, China. Both of her parents had to work hard to send her to university.

Jessie Huang obtained her BA degree from Sias University in Henan Province. During her years at Sias, she attended the World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW) for three consecutive years. Soon after graduation, she worked as the Executive Assistant to WAFW’s founder, and during this time, Jessie became a vital asset to WAFW. During the pandemic, Jessie took on the responsibility to maintain WAFW’s operations. In the spring of 2023 Jessie led the organization of the WAFW Symposium with over 10,000 attendees. Jessie is the first non-EGRC alumna to receive the Ching Tien Scholarship.

Jessie arrived in the UK and started her new life in the beginning of October.

“It has been an inspiring four weeks. I have been completely immersed in this diverse and inclusive environment. My classmates are from Chile, Bangladesh, India, and different African countries. My professors have stimulated my desire to discover and learn. I have to say, it is beyond my expectations in every way. Besides classes and getting to know my peers and the school, I signed up for a local community engagement activity to help the mute. This is my first step to get to know the local people and the country, which is one of the requirements for the Scholarship recipients.

Ching has been in touch with me regularly since my scholarship was granted. She had matched a mentor for me before I left China. Last weekend I first time met my mentor Natasha Lok online. Natasha is a British PhD student at King’s College in London. Natasha volunteered for EGRC as an English teacher over the past three years. She previously studied and worked in China and other Asian countries and has had rich and diverse cultural experiences. I felt an instant connection with her because the connection was made by EGRC and Ching. We planned to meet once a month online, and we will meet in London during the Christmas holiday. I want to say thank you to the Ching Tien Foundation for Women for giving me this precious opportunity. In the future it will be my turn to help others access opportunities.”

Jessie HuangNovember 5, 2023

First Student at RRU Summer Program in Canada

Up to CAD $6,000 per grad

Wenjing Nan
First recipient of the Ching Tien Scholarship Leadership Program grant

Royal Roads University (RRU) is an independent Canadian university located on Vancouver Island. RRU offers grants for EGRC university students to participate in their summer leadership program.

Wenjing Nan is in her final undergrad year of Law and Business Administration at China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing. She was the first EGRC student to receive a dual grant from EGRC and RRU to undertake a four-week language and leadership course in August 2023.

Her short four weeks of study were inspiring and transformational. Before her course ended, EGRC received the following email from Paula Jamieson, Head of the RRU Leadership Academy. She wrote, "Wenjing (Echo) has been a pure delight throughout the program, and I believe she’s a model student for the Leadership Academy."

Recently Wenjing started her second internship at the legal department of Nestle in Beijing. Her first internship was at the BMO (Bank of Montreal) Beijing Office.

“Becoming an EGRC student in 2019 was a turning point in my life. Through EGRC’s influence, I became a more confident woman. This summer experience at RRU was refreshing, exciting and inspiring. I realized that there is a whole world out there waiting for me to explore. I had plenty of opportunities to be out in nature, I made new friends from other countries, and my teachers were encouraging. Overall, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and the world. I made up my mind that one day I will return to Canada!”

Wenjing NanNovember 1, 2023