September 2023

Dear EGRC Supporters and Friends

The sudden announcement of the change at EGRC may have surprised or even upset some of you. With this newsletter, we are sharing uplifting news, including the recent award EGRC received in China. The girls are a constant reminder of why we do what we do, and why we should continue our work to advance women through education.

Change is inevitable and with change comes opportunity. I hope the girls’ stories shared here will inspire you to continue supporting them through our programs. I believe that, one day these young women will be out there helping to transform more lives.

2023 Women Empowerment Award

We are announcing exciting news here – EGRC received 2023 Women Empowerment Award in China. The Award was given by the China Women Empowerment Conference (WEC website). The ceremony took place in the evening of September 13th at the China World Hotel in Beijing with over 400 attendees. EGRC student Wenjing Nan and the chair of EGRC Beijing Executive Committee Zhu Bei accepted the award and gave a speech on behalf of the Founder. This was EGRC’s final public appearance in China. We deeply appreciate the honor and support from so many in the past 18 years.

2022 Ching Tien Scholarship Recipient

Huiming Ma is an EGRC alumni and the first student to receive the Ching Tien Scholarship. She was awarded the scholarship in 2022.

In January 2023, she started her Master of Education at the UBC Okanagan campus. She received A+ for all three courses she took in the first term. Huiming has embraced multiculturalism by making friends from different ethnic backgrounds. Also, she regularly volunteered at an after school care centre and at various university events. Huiming cares deeply about the changes at EGRC and generously offers her help when needed.

I truly enjoy my life in Canada. It is a different way of living and learning from my experience before. After a while I learned to think more critically and form my own opinions and ideas on different subjects. On this journey I have received guidance and emotional support from Ms. Tien. One of her friends has continuously tutored me in English. In September I started a part-time job as a life coach at my university to support junior students. I want to pass on the love I received from others.

Huiming Ma

2023 Ching Tien Scholarship Recipient

Jessie Huang

Jessie Huang is the second student to be granted Ching Tien Scholarship to undertake her Master’s program in September 2023. She is going to study Educational Leadership & Management at UK’s University of Nottingham.

Jessie Huang obtained her BA degree from Sias University in Henan Province. During her years at Sias, she attended the World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW) in 3 consecutive years. Soon after graduation, she worked as the Executive Assistant to WAFW’s founder. Jessie became a vital asset to WAFW. During the pandemic, she took on the responsibility to keep WAFW going. Recently Jessie led the organization of the 2023 WAFW Symposium with over 10,000 attendees. Jessie has become the first non-EGRC alumna to receive the Ching Tien Scholarship.

"I am so grateful to be the recipient of Ching Tien’s Scholarship. The scholarship made my dream come true. Now, I'm looking forward to starting my Master’s study in the UK. I was born and raised in a village in Henan Province. My parents worked hard to send me to university. At WAFW I learned to be brave, dared to dream, and developed my leadership skills through volunteering at local communities. During the time I was managing the WAFW, I worked with Ms. Ching Tien to develop a leadership program for EGRC girls. I was inspired by Ching and EGRC's mission and achievements. What I did not expect was Ching already lined up a mentor in UK to help me adapt to a new culture and life there.

Jessie Huang

EGRC Student at RRU Summer Program in Canada

Wenjing Nan is in her final undergrad year of Law and Business Administration in Beijing. She was the first EGRC student to receive a dual EGRC and Royal Roads University (RRU) grant for a four-week language and leadership course in August 2023. Her short four weeks of study inspired and transformed her. Before her course ended, EGRC received the following email from Paula Jamieson – head of the Leadership Academy RRU:

“Wenjing (Echo) has been a pure delight throughout the program and I believe she’s a model student for the Leadership Academy.” – More from Paula Jamieson.

Becoming an EGRC member in 2019 was a turning point in my life. Through its influence, I became a more confident woman. This summer experience at RRU was refreshing, exciting and inspiring. I realized that there is a whole world out there waiting for me to explore. I had plenty of opportunities to be out in nature, I made new friends from other countries, and my teachers were encouraging. Overall, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and the world. I made up my mind that one day I will return to Canada!.

Wenjing Nan

2023 EGRC University Graduates

29 EGRC girls graduated from university in the summer of 2023. For a while, there was a concern about them being able to find work due to China’s low economic growth and high unemployment rate.  Last week we received positive news. Among the 29 graduates, four are continuing to study Masters’ programs, 21 have found employment, and only 4 are still looking for work. This is good news, indeed!

2023 Eve Asia Annual Conference

In July, Ching Tien attended and spoke at the 2023 Eve Programme Asia Conference in Phuket, Thailand.