Message from our Founder Ching Tien 

The ambition of the Ching Tien Foundation programs extends beyond the achievement of academic excellence, our aim is to empower a next generation of women changemakers. 

The Ching Tien Foundation programs provide opportunities for promising young women from  Asia to unlock their potential, gain global perspective, learn about different cultures, and build  the confidence and skills to pursue their dreams and become leaders of tomorrow. The scholarship recipients commit to giving back through community engagement and  volunteering. All graduates undertake a capstone “Pay It Forward” project, taking their first  step towards making a positive impact in their communities and in the world.

Learn more about the Ching Tien Foundation Master’s scholarship program. We need your support!

The Ching Tien Foundation’s undertakings in 2024

  1. Provide up to 3 Master’s Scholarships for promising young women from Asia
  2. Provide up to 10 grants for outstanding university students from China to participate in  the summer language and leadership program at Royal Roads University in Canada
  3. Host the first Ching Tien Foundation for Women annual forum and workshops to  benefit a larger audience of young women

Mackenzie Investments committed to donate the first  donor-named scholarship

The Ching Tien Foundation is grateful to Mackenzie Investments as the company has committed to fund a master’s scholarship of CAD 30,000 in 2024. The scholarship will be named  under Mackenzie Investments and will support a promising young woman from Asia to pursue  a Master’s degree at a global university while benefitting from Ching Tien Foundation  programming. Mackenzie Investments has been a long-term annual financial supporter of  EGRC, now the Ching Tien Foundation, since 2017.

Current scholarship recipients

The master’s program scholarship was established in 2022, and two scholarships have been awarded to two outstanding young women.  

The first recipient is Mary Ma, an EGRC alumna. Mary received the scholarship in 2022. Currently she is studying Master of Education at the University of British Columbia in Canada. 

The second recipient is Jessie Huang. Jessie received the scholarship in 2023. Currently she is studying Education Leadership and Administration at the University of Nottingham in the UK. 

We look forward to providing updates on Mary and Jessie in January 2024.


Royal Roads University continues to offer tuition grants to university students selected by the  Ching Tien Foundation to participate in its summer language and leadership program.  

Lawson-Lundell has provided pro-bono services for EGRC – now the Ching Tien Foundation for  Women –including recent legal work.

We need your support

The future of humanity depends on improving the status of women.  We need your support to continue this important work and help us make the first year of the  Ching Tien Foundation for Women a success.