Empowering young women from Asia to become changemakers for the future.

The Ching Tien Foundation for Women prepares the next generation of women leaders from Asia by providing scholarships to pursue global studies. Our ambition extends beyond the achievement of academic excellence, the goal is to empower the next generation of women changemakers.

The Ching Tien Foundation for Women builds on the legacy of Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC). EGRC was founded by Ching Tien in 2005. From 2005 to 2023, EGRC supported over 2,000 rural Chinese women to complete high school and university education, achieving a graduation rate of over 99%.

Ching Tien in Gansu, China 2019. Photo by Olivia Martin-Mcguire.

Ching Tien Foundation programs are designed for scholarship recipients to develop the mindset, confidence and skills to become changemakers. Scholarship recipients commit to giving back through community engagement and volunteering.

All graduates undertake a capstone "Pay It Forward" project, marking their first step towards making an impact in the world.

Empowering young women to become leaders of tomorrow